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Publisher: MyPlayCity
Size: 17.4 MB
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
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8.6 out of 10
Category: Action Games,
Space Shooter
Steely Bird - 3D Action
Steely Bird - 3D Action
Are you interested in jet fighters flight and mission games then Steely Bird is for you to play. It is an Air Force mission game which gives you an exciting atmosphere and feeling of striking and flying in the air. This enthralling new 3D game has many unique and unusual components which will keep you engaged throughout the playing experience.

Construction of the Game

This version of the game exhibit many improvements in terms of its construction. The base of the terrorists has a new look which is really frightening for the player as it seems to be impossible to conquer it. For even more frightening and threatening effect, the enemies are now equipped with more deadly and disastrous weapons and explosive materials. With such a fabulous support and aid, it now seems that they have become invincible and has gained tremendous power to destroy anything which comes in their path. All this has made the game much more challenging and thrilling for those who love to face challenges.

Highlighting features of the game

While you play the game, the game will exhibit the following highlighting features to mesmerize you;

  • You can become a pilot of one of the three different kinds of well-equipped and amazing helicopters.
  • You can fight with the terrorists in the air as well as on the ground to destroy them all.
  • The game provides you with 24 different levels to break through.
  • There are five different difficult levels to choose from.
  • You can unlock better and more equipped war helicopters.
  • You can also upgrade your weapons with latest and more hi-tech ones, during the game.
  • While you play, you can also grab the special bonuses.
  • It is a complete 3D action game giving you original war like feel for absolutely FREE!
Graphics of the game

Steely Bird 3D is fully loaded with brilliant graphics. There are real to life burning oil scenes due to bombardment and firing along with many different objects which surround the territory. There are enemies hidden behind any of those objects so you have to be on guard. The battleship helicopters are brilliantly designed loaded with weapons and other war equipments. The sounds and landscape is created to give a perfect look and atmosphere of devastating adventure and action.

As the levels of difficulty increase, Steely Bird becomes much more exciting and interesting for both the beginner level as well as professional gamers. It is a full power packed package which is made for the fighting game lovers.

If you are motivated enough to win every level of the game with flying colors, then choose any from the 10 deadly weapons, attain the bonuses during the play either playing along or with your friends. Download the game on your PC or on your laptop and enjoy it's amazing fighting atmosphere, quench your inner urge to kill the enemies and have stimulating moments with your family and friends while playing this thrilling game.


On initial run, if the graphic looks blurred, access the Option menu, then set the Color Depth to 32 bit, and the Resolution to higher or suitable with your screen resolution. You may also set the 3D Sound to On for better performance.

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