Stranded II
Publisher: Unreal Software
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9.1 out of 10
Category: Adventure Games
The founder of Unreal Software Peter Schaub, releases Stranded a new sensational game in the mid of 2003. This game is influenced by a German freeware game Schiffbruch. Stranded II, has emerged in the few diverse German gaming magazines in November 2003. The copyrights are reserved by Peter Schaub.

Stranded II has no fight mode, but has a random island mode, which assume the player to have a role of a castaway. The objective of the game is to survive and find a way back home. It features the cycle of day and night time. The player has to cultivate food for himself, as there is no steady need for food and water. The food is supposed to be collected from the branches.

Spotting of wild animals makes the game harder and threatened the player. Sleeping in the open island can injure the player along with the unrefined food which is also not very valuable against hunger.

Each building when gets finished with an unlock, another more complicated building comes out till the player is competent to build a raft to flee from the island and reach the destination. With entirely customized landscape, the game gets a different look. The games feature some small missions that are to be performed under a limited time like rescuing the kiwi birds and fighting off a bunch of blood-thirsty raptors. There are some maps that help the player to get to know about the extraordinary missions. The modified maps along with the built-in map editor, helps the player to build his own islands as well. There are some settings that are needed in order to turn off different needs like that of thirst, hunger and sleep.

After the first serie, Peter Schaub makes the sequel Stranded II, and release it in 2007. Stranded II, has more improved features and graphics. There are more tools, items and weapons in Stranded II. It has a movement now with a story straddling over the journey to different islands. Stranded II has the same basic principles of the gameplay as in Stranded I. With the scripted capabilities, there is a permit for the formation of scripted maps. By the use of the cut panoramas, missions, character dialogues and scripted events the map creator can fit in the narratives into their own stories.

Stranded II, permits an easy formation of amendments by the use of edited objects and scripts. With the new items in the game there are new possibilities, which permits the player to explore the game. The new world of the island is beautifully designed with the chance to poison or tame the wild animals and burn the trees. More strong and well-protected camps can be built and the players can have an unforeseen relieve.

Features of Stranded II

It has big islands with countless animals and plants with distinctive vehicles and buildings. It has great lighting and blurred effects with reflecting water and fog as compared to Stranded I.

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