Straw Hat Samurai 1.5
Publisher: Lut!
Size: 5 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
Total Download: 3,982
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10 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Straw Hat Samurai is a 2D, side-scrolling, point-and-click game that seems to have taken its inspiration from the famous Samurai Jack cartoon. The game starts off with an engaging storyline that depicts a war between two major warlords. The Aka-Ryu, the enemy warlord at the north, is frantically fortifying its mountain pass once they received news that the south is mobilising its army to take the pass. This is where you come in! Since you are the closest asset your empire has, you are tasked to stall the construction until reinforcement arrives. Can you do it?

The controls in this game are fairly simple - it's just point and click after all! In order to attack, you'll need to drag your mouse across the screen in slashing movements, like what you do when playing Fruit Ninja. You should also try to get as many enemies you can within one strike to get a higher score due to the combo multiplier given. Enemies will come at you from both front and back, so you'll need to keep an eye over your shoulder at all times.

As you progress in Straw Hat Samurai, you will also unlock the bow and arrow option for attacking enemies from afar (your enemies will have archers in their team now too). Although using a bow is much more difficult, the clear tutorial makes it rather easy to learn (but still, it is hard to master) - just remember that the longer you hold 'shift', the further your arrow will fly. You can also pick up arrows from the ground and reuse them.

Most stages function to take you one step closer to your main objective in the game and will take up a turn each. There are also a couple of item levels, whereby you can choose 1 from the 2 options given, +10 HP or +10% chance to dodge, provided that you completed the level. Completed stages cannot be repeated.

All your stats, as well as some fun facts, like your max slash combo, can be easily viewed on your character profile. That being said, its stats system may be a bit confusing at first - you do not regain the health you lost in your previous fight. The only way to gain HP is by doing the rare item levels, thus, the game is pretty challenging in the sense that you will want to minimise the damage you take for every stage you play. If you unfortunately die, you'll start at the last position you were at with the exact same amount of life you had. You will also lose all your accumulated score points.

In summary, Straw Hat Samurai is a very interesting and challenging game that really shines through in terms of its awesome combat - you can't seriously tell me that slashing through your enemies in Samurai Jack style is not cool! Can you be that lone samurai standing fast against an army of enemies? Give this game and go to find out!

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