Stronghold 2 Demo
Publisher: Firefly Studios
Size: 242 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 825
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9.2 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Stronghold 2 is an RTS game that lets players manage a small empire in the era of middle ages. You will manage the economy by ensuring that supplies of life's needs such as wood, food, industry and security are fulfilled and maintained so that people can live happily.

As a new player, you must know the basics of playing this game. This is available in the tutorial level. There you will be taught how to control the camera and start a civilization. Some control keys are explained in the tutorial level.

Besides the tutorial, this demo provides a campaign that contains several missions that must be passed in sequence. Initially you were given a simple keep and some resources like sawpit and apple farm. With those resources, you must develop the village based on instructions on each mission.

Basically what needs to be considered includes economic, industrial and military factors. On economy, create buildings that support people's demand along with supplies for food obtained from apple farms and other food resources. More food types will raise your honor. The more food servings provided to people, the higher popularity level you will gain. Make sure the popularity level is above 50 otherwise people will start leaving the village.

Security and military must also be prepared from the beginning. There is a group of bandits outside your castle preparing for an attack and if you are not ready, they can breach in easily and your castle will be down.

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