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Publisher: Media Contact LLC
Size: 172 MB
OS: Windows
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9.1 out of 10
Category: Strategy Games
Take your pc gaming experience to a whole new level. Download the full version and play on your pc the newest popular war game today, Sudden Strike: Iwo Jima. Join the campaign and be the captain of your troops and win every battle in land or in the sea as you face powerful enemies or depend for your glory. This new war game will test your strategic ability, as you set command to your troop to fight and/or defend and lead your troops to victory!

Sudden Strike: Iwo Jima has a spectacular game feature that you will surely make you amazed. It is an award winning strategic war game because it will challenge and entertain you at the same time as you play the game. The modern 3D graphics that makes the game a more fun experience for you. You will really get into the game for it has unique power ups that can help you to the have victory. And in the middle of the battle, you will feel the great war-feeling and will have an adrenaline rush because of the gorgeous effects and huge explosions! As you play the game, you will be entertained to the original soundtracks and enjoy the powerful sound effects. Worry no more if you're not yet finish the game and you have other things to do, this game has save/load option so you can resume and continue the fun.

For you to know what and why you are having a battle, it has story and history that will add to the entertainment it brings. Sudden Strike: Iwo Jima is the fierce battle between the United States and Japanese force and during World War 2. The moment you open the game, even a ten year old kid can easily navigate and follow the instructions. You are going to choose which force will you join; US Marine corps and invade the sea; US Navy and conquer the land and take over the imperial Japanese army; or Japanese Army and defend the Island from the threat of US force. You also will be required to choose your nick name and you can start the campaign.

Either joining any of the campaign, you will surely feel the Great War. You will be given a task and if you do it successfully you will proceed to the next and so on until you rich the victory and end of the game. You will feel extremely amazed to the graphics and details perfectly designed for the game that even you are not usually playing war games you will become addicted to it. So now, prepare yourself to be in front of your computer for some days. Play Sudden Strike: Iwo Jima now!

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