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Publisher: SuperTuxKart
Size: 86 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 249
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Category: Racing Games
There are many quality 3D car racing games available. But SuperTuxKart is even more, it's totally free and and open source. The graphics are also unique and very interesting. This is the 2011 version and its file size is much smaller than the latest version, so download should be finished sooner.

SuperTuxKart allows you to race using cartoon characters like penguin and others. You can play with 3 types of difficulty levels (novice, intermediate, expert) and 3 game modes (normal race, time trial, and follow the leader). The number of opponents and the number of laps can also be set as desired. There is also a challenges mode for unlocking the locked tracks.


  • Arrow Keys = Accelerate, Steer, Brake.
  • Space = Fire.
  • N = Nitro.
  • V = Sharp Turn.
  • B = Look Back.
  • Backspace = Rescue.
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