Super Flappy World 2
Publisher: Chrisay
Size: 13.2 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 673
User Rating:

10 out of 10
Category: Arcade Games
Super Flappy World 2 is an arcade game based on the Flappy Bird game. It is the clone version made by a fan named Chrisay Production. It's a continuance of the the first version, Flappy World.

You can play 25 levels in various challenging environments. The main goal is to pass through 15 pipes to complete a level. In some levels, you will be facing the boss.

The game also provides extra levels and bonuses. Get money by hitting some colorful coins while flying. Use the money to buy extra levels or to get some hats. From the main menu, you can play Level Rush, a level in which you must survive as long as you can to grab more scores.

For Controls: press Spacebar or left-click to fly the bird. Don't hit the wall and don't fall down.

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