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Publisher: GameHitZone
Size: 47.5 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 7,142
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8.8 out of 10
Category: Racing Games
Super Police Racing is a unique car racing game where you will drive a police car through city highways with heavy traffic. The game starts with one mission available. To unlock the other missions, you must complete the last available mission with at least getting rank c.

Control buttons include the arrow keys for steering the car, left CTRL key for hand brake, good for drifting and to turn sharply around the corner. While the left ALT button is using the nitro boost. If a crash occurs, press the R key to respawn.

The entire missions are basically divided into three instructions including patrolling the route as fast as possible while avoiding the traffic, destroying barrels between cargo containers that block city roads, and ramming the criminal cars. Higher missions contains heavier traffic and the police car gets more speed forcing you play with higher concentration.

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