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Publisher: Penguin DT
Size: 95.5 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Total Download: 1,003
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Category: Arcade Games
Ever since they first appeared more than 3 decades ago, platform games have always been about pushing the boundaries within a level, following the story and getting some amazing results in the end. TAGAP is a game that successfully manage to bring the best out of old arcade platformers and it presents itself in a very interesting, modern way.

TAGAP is an open source game, so you can download it free of charge. This makes it even better, because there's a lot of value packed with this title. The story is very interesting, as it relies on a mad scientist, named Dr Glowenko that wants to take over the world by gaining control over some cyber engineered penguins. In TAGAP, we play the role of Pablo and we will try to explore beautifully designed levels in order to stop Glowenko and his minions, while bringing peace back upon the land.

This is a major job that rests onto the shoulders of a small penguins, but thankfully the title provides a wide range of interesting missions as well. What makes TAGAP stand out is the fact that the whole gameplay is all about pills. As you play you will be able to access numerous pills that grant you different abilities. Thanks to these pills you can get better scores, bring new combos and just change your ammo from time to time. The variation of these pills, combined with the interesting platforming action just makes TAGAP action packed at all times, and the mystery of not knowing what will happen next just keeps you going forward!

Pablo, our penguin can even use the experimental drugs against the enemies and these will even bring him different changes in his structure, such as feeling invincible for a short time, or slow motion effects.

We are impressed by the fact that TAGAP brings a wide range of guns, all of them targeted towards killing your enemies in a different ways. You have small pistols, uzis and numerous types of hi-tech artillery that's very interesting to use.

On top of that, TAGAP comes with numerous types of enemies that you can engage, which vary from killer penguins to zombie penguins and so on. There are even automatic turrets as well as robots and so on.

A neat feature comes in the form of rewards and goodies that can be received as you play. These range from simple pills to devastating power-ups that can literally change the course of the game.

Graphically, TAGAP looks amazingly well and it successfully manages to bring some great visuals for a 2D platformer. The animations are quite fluid, and overall you will just have a lot of fun exploring the massive, yet highly interesting game world.

Overall, TAGAP is a game that's worth your time and commitment. The story is surprisingly good for a platform game and the gameplay is definitely one of the best one you can find in such a game. We recommend you to give this game a try and see how neat of an experience you can get by killing countless variations of penguins!

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