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Publisher: Penguin DT
Size: 207.7 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Total Download: 395
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5 out of 10
Category: Arcade Games
As the adventure of Pablo and Pedro, the cyber-penguins, has ended, the TAGAP 2 is continuing their story. In TAGAP, Pablo is the good guy and Pedro is the right hand of the mad scientist who planned in taking over the world. TAGAP 2 made it more exciting as these two cyber-penguins, who became mortal enemies in TAGAP, is now a tag team.

The waddling heroes will be stumbling again, but on an even larger army of zombie penguin following the TAGAP events. Since Pedro has joined forces with Pablo resigning the team, the army will need a new general which is now handled and led by Primo, the ever most epic penguin. With the same goal of conquering the world, the army of Primo now has better and more advanced equipment which will make the game more exciting.

This is why many people are playing TAGAP 2, they do not only have exciting and great gameplay, but the game has a flow of story so you will understand what your true mission in the game is. You won't be just playing as soon as you see that it is an adventure game. Many people are only playing because they saw that the graphics are great and it is a gun game. In TAGAP 2, you have the gameplay, you have the cute characters, you have a fine graphics, and you have a true mission to follow.

There are also some trivia about the game which you will find interesting and can teach you about sorts of general things. Many people are saying that playing is a bad thing since it only kills your productive time, but you won't be able to know since you don't seem to experience even one game especially the TAGAP 2. The game has the original formula of action which is even improved in the TAGAP 2 having new heights with various new features of the gameplay. The more dynamic and bigger action will be able to help you conquer your fear to certain things and will help you relax from stress with the cutest characters ever.

There are various types of cyber-penguins that you will meet in the game so be sure to know them now. As you already know about Pablo, Pedro, and Primo; there are still many penguins to meet from the army of Dr. Glowenko (the mad scientist), like the zombie penguins which you will frequently meet on the field of battle, you may never know, they might become friends with Pablo and Pedro on the next version of TAGAP. There are also the rockhopper elite and the penguinators, they are harder to fight than the zombie penguins.

You will absolutely love the game as how you loved the first version of TAGAP. The naughtiness and the cuteness of the cyber-penguins will even make you love the game with their greater features like having bigger guns. You will also be excited as it is now a tag-team so you will have to buddy up since two heads is always better than one. Try the game for once to know how it works for you.

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