TAGAP 3 v2.7   pick
Publisher: Penguin DT
Size: 374.9 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 224
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Category: Arcade Games
The story of Pablo the cyber-penguin continues into episode 3. He is in a space army fleet heading to earth to conduct a massive invasion. The war fleet is driven by penguin army from planet Pluto.

While still in Earth's orbit, Pablo who managed to escape from a prison cell, continues his mission to thwart the attack. The only way to achieve the mission is to defeat all of the penguin soldiers inside the spaceship. You will play Pablo that's equipped with ultra-modern weapons.


  • To play in fullscreen, click 'Setup' on the main menu, then choose 'Video Setup'. Next, set 'Windows style' to Fullscreen, select 'Use desktop resolution', and then click 'Accept'.
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