The Last Dance
Publisher: Looser Team Production
Size: 215.4 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 1,519
User Rating:

8.1 out of 10
Category: First Person Shooter (FPS)
The Last Dance is a third-person-shooter game with a fairly short duration. The plot is about a young man whose lover was killed by a gangster based at old Chicago harbor.

As tips for playing, do right-click to aim the weapon forward, and simultaneously press Q so that the weapon can automatically aim to the enemy, thus you then simply left-click to shoot perfectly. Another help, in order to jump over a barrier, you can press spacebar first to cover behind the barrier, then press spacebar again so that the actor jumps over it.

This game only consists of one episode, so the duration is not long. Perhaps you can finish it in about half an hour.


  • After downloaded, extract the file. It will automatically create a new folder named: THE_LAST_DANCE.
  • Inside that folder, run 'launcher.exe'. A popup window will show up.
  • Choose 'English' for the language, and choose a screen resolution, for example 1024x768. Then click 'Play Last Dance'.
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8.1 out of 10
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