The Search for Wondla
Publisher: Tony DiTerlizzi
Size: 15.7 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
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Category: Puzzle Games
The main mission in the game: The Search for Wondla is to find five differences inside the available images which originate from the novel written by Tony DiTerlizzi. There are 28 pictures you can play which depict the adventure of Eva Nine (the main character in the novel) in solving the mysterious experience in her life.

The Search for Wondla is a beginning of the Wondla trilogy. If you have completed reading it, the novel will continue to the next sequel entitled A Hero for Wondla. After that, the whole story will end at The Battle for Wondla. This game is only based on the first novel.

In each session, there are two similar pictures that contain five different small parts that you must reveal. Examine them carefully in order to find the differences. When you are stuck, this game provides a 'Shake' button to give you a signal of the answer, as well as a 'Reveal' button to show you the answer. With 28 pictures available, you will get the real challenge while spending your free time.

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