Titan Quest Demo
Publisher: THQ
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Titan Quest Demo
Titan Quest Demo
Titan Quest is an action and role playing game. Titan Quest was created by Iron Lore and later published by THQ in 2006.

Here in Titan Quest, you will explore rural areas and forests in ancient Greece. At that time, human being was often disturbed by monsters who lived in caves and forests, which sometimes came out and attacked inside local habitation.

The locals are expecting a brave and strong hero to repel and defeat the monsters. You will play the hero. The destiny of those people depend on you.

Choose and use weapons and armors from the defeated monsters. Put them into your inventory and use them situationally.

Titan Quest lets you play with just using the mouse. Click anywhere on the screen to make the hero move there, and click any enemy to make him attack the enemy. Click and hold the left mouse button so that the hero attacks continuously.

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