TrackMania Nations Forever 2.11.11   pick
Publisher: TrackMania
Size: 506 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 56,715
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8.7 out of 10
Category: Racing Games,
Simulation Games
Racing games are always popular because they bring in the competitive factor and they manage to provide us with a ton of fun stuff to do. However, the thing you will definitely like the most about racing games such as TrackMania Nations Forever is the ability to interact with other persons online as well as racing on offline singleplayer mode.

Car handling in TrackMania Nations Forever is very important, because the game strives on perfection and because of that the gameplay manages to shine quite a lot. Not only that, the race courses are also quite nice as well since they manage to bring in a ton of challenges, from ramps to loops and all the other good stuff.

TrackMania Nations Forever isn't like the other games in the series where stunts were indeed a necessity, but the game does indeed do a stellar job when it comes to bringing many unique courses. The incentive of playing more and more is also brought in by the ability to get the better time. It's nice to explore these game worlds so fast, and the competitive factor definitely manages to bring in a very good time.

Graphics in TrackMania Nations Forever are amazing, if you take into consideration that this is a free game. There is a lot of value to be had here, and even though it lacks the polish of those newer TrackMania games, this still is a very good entry in the series. The sounds are also quite realistic.

All in all, TrackMania Nations Forever is a very good racing game, one of the best ones you can find right now for playing offline or online. It's a fun title, which brings in a lot of value and which you will definitely be able to enjoy. Since it's free of charge, we encourage you to give it a shot right now!

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8.7 out of 10
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By: ramesh, on September 25, 2013
very nice game ilike it
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