Umbra Chronicles
Publisher: DigiPen
Size: 100.3 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 1,549
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6.1 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Umbra Chronicles is an action-adventure game featuring the dark and mystical fantasy world as the plot background. The 2D graphics and animation effects along the game play is the main characteristic, but surely this will require adequate computer specs in order to run the game smoothly.

In Umbra Chronicles, you will control The Shadow, a non-human hero with amazing power that dedicates his life in defeating the bunch of shadow creatures, the zombies. Direct the shadow hero to keep fighting in the dark and use all combination of jump, attact and dodge carefully. Don't stop at the middle of the horde without attack or they would have a chance to hurt you.

The controls to use as follows:
Jump = s (press s twice to jump higher)
Attack = a and d.
Dodge = q and e.
Combo attacks : press s then a or d, etc.

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