Uncharted 2
Publisher: Arcadebomb
Size: 11.9 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 18,138
User Rating:

8.3 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Unchartered 2 is an explosive game, full of suspense and thrilling action sequences to excite your senses and satisfy your craving for adventure. Follow seasoned world-traveler Nathan Drake as jaunts across the globe, racing against mercenaries to find the mysterious and legendary Cintimani Stone and the land of Shangri-La. Ever the tough guy, the smooth gameplay allows your character to adeptly climb, run, and grab as he uncovers relics and treasures. Drake is a powerful fighter, his skills allowing him to sneak attack enemies and counter offensive attacks from stealth mercenaries.

In addition he is capable of handling a variety of weapons and the game allows shooting from a variety of positions including stealthily crouching behind walls or while running. Beyond his tough guy facade, Drake is a clever man, and together you will solve puzzles to uncover even more directions or objectives to lead you on many adventures.

In co-op multiplayer, up to three people can take turns playing as Drake as well as other hero characters. Missions involve platforming, gunfights and team-based objectives. Players can assist fallen comrades or assist them in difficult situations. There is also the competitive multiplayer version, where up to ten players can play against each other in teams.

Through the Marco Polo-esque storyline we are treated to a lush scenery of fantastical and interesting locations, from Borneo to Tibet to Shambhala. The mystical locations are only one face in a multifaceted storyline that leaves you curious for what will happen next. There are no shallow, flat or boring characters here, with interesting dialogue and excellent voice acting. Female characters Elena and Chloe are more than just pretty faces, each an action hero and tough comrade in their own right, a refreshing sight to be seen in this genre of games. Smooth, attractive graphics only add appeal to the quick and reflexive actions executed by each character you can play. With the perfect combination of a plot that twists and turns at all the right moments, this game is a sure pleaser for fans of fast action, exotic locations, puzzles and shooting!

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