Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo
Publisher: Epic Games
Size: 142.1 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 1,138
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10 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Unreal Tournament 2003 comes with various FPS features to satisfy its users optimally. As the name implies, Unreal Tournament 2003 includes futuristic-unique maps / arena. In it, you can shoot one another in accordance with available game types.

Unreal Tournament 2003 ultimately features multiplayer games. You can play online games via internet or through LAN network at your place for playing together with friends in very exciting way. Also it provides a feature to host multiplayer game. Those can be easily accessed in the main menu.

In addition to playing multiplayer, this demo version of Unreal Tournament 2003 demo allows users to play offline against enemies (bots) that are managed by the computer. There are four game types you can play, including deathmatch, capture the flag, bombing runs, and team deathmatch. Each has several maps that can be played for free. You can also set the number of bots and bot skill (difficulty).


  • W, A, S, D = Move.
  • Spacebar = Jump
  • Shift, C = Walk, Crouch
  • Left Mouse = Fire
  • Right Mouse = Alt-Fire
  • Mouse Wheel = Use next/previous weapon.
  • 0 - 9 = Select weapon.


  • In order to play offline against bots/computer, select 'INSTANT ACTION' in the main menu.
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