Utopia City Demo
Publisher: Parallax Arts Studio
Size: 239.9 MB
OS: Windows
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8.8 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Utopia City Demo
Utopia City Demo
Utopia City was created by a game developer team based in Russia called Parallax Arts Studio. Utopia City is built for action genre with first person shooter point of view.

Utopia is a virtual reality world designed to fulfill the need for unlimited freedom. At first it was just an experiment that eventually caught the interest of many users. But in the end, everyone realized that if they entered Utopia, they would stay there forever and die in the world of reality.

You are an agent who will be assigned to enter Utopia and then accomplish all missions that have been determined, which in the end is to eliminate the world of Utopia and its creator named the Mastermind.


  • W, A, S, D = Move.
  • Spacebar = Jump.
  • C = Crouch.
  • Mouse = Fire.
  • E = Use object.
  • Q = Use artefact.
  • F = Kick.
  • R = Reload weapon.
  • Mouse Wheel = Next weapon.
  • F6 = Quick save.
  • F9 = Quick load.
  • P = Read message.
  • ... list of controls is available in the main menu: Settings - Controls.
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