VDrift 2014-09-26
Publisher: VDrift
Size: 454.1 MB
OS: Windows
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6.8 out of 10
Category: Racing Games
The game VDrift is an open source cross-platformdriving simulation game that is made with drift racing in mind.The word drifting has become an indication to a youth sport using special cars with great engines to show their driving skills and capabilities. VDrift has the same concept when it was created. It is a game that can help you develop your driving techniques virtually. This will certainly have an impact on your driving in reality; maybe at least you get acquainted with driving concepts and the different parts of a car.

The driving physics engine was recently re-written from scratch but was inspired and owes much to the Vamos physics engine. On VDrift game player settings, you can choose your car and get on the track. It has all car features that are necessary for an interesting driving experience. In fact, as a user of the game, I felt quite immersed just as if I am driving in reality. The sound of the engine of my sportive car makes it more enjoying; it could simulate the sound of a real car with a strong engine.

The first impression as a user of VDrift, one could say it is one of the good games available though it is still in development stages. It is not actually 100% ready since it needs some improvements in some features like graphics mainly. When you check the main settings and features of the game, you find it is quite offering a range of choices in over 20 tracks. You also find almost 30 cars with different types that you can customize their colors. There is also the feature of the simple networked multiplayer mode but it is currently disabled.

You can play VDrift on your computer using Linux, OS X and Windows operating systems. After downloading and installing, you can use your mouse, joystick, gamepad, wheel and keyboard to monitor and drive the car just as if you are doing in reality. It is characterized by its fully modeled tracks, terrain and scenery views. You can drive the car and view the track from different viewing modes. This can be done through the choice of your camera mode provided in the settings and which can be changed by the keyboard as well.

The other features are related to the basic replay system with skip forward and skip backward. Controls are customizable. You will also have brake lights and driver aids like automatic shifting, traction control and anti-lock braking. In addition, you will have on the screen some experimental force feedback.

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