VegaTrek 0.62
Publisher: VegaTrek
Size: 943.1 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 906
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5 out of 10
Category: Flight and Space
VegaTrek 0.62
VegaTrek is a star trek-like simulation game which is open source and using VegaStrike engine. On VegaTrek, you can play space ship battle in the universe driving you wasting hours in front computer. Vegatrek is not just about battle, but you can also bring trade transaction as well as exploring other galaxy.

Roam fiction world, visit Vulcan, then combat the Romulans on the land of neutral zone. It also allows to help Maquis to defend against cardassians attack. With deep sides in gameplay, here everyone may experience about 500 galaxy systems using more and less around 20 kind of space ships. Just start with the beginner level and raise it gradually for harder challenges.


You need to download this planet archive to expand the game: LINK

Setup and application files are located in 'bin' folder.
Run the 'setup.exe' first to arrange the better settings suitable for you. Then run the file 'vegastrike.exe' to start playing.

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