Verminest 1.0
Publisher: Verminest
Size: 20.2 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 385
User Rating:
Category: Space Shooter
Use your spacecraft to shoot all space insects on the air. The insects come from planet Verminest which is the base of the their leader, Queen Verminia.

No save point is another challenge. Take every level wisely because once you lose all lifes, then you must come back at the beginning which is a bit annoying.

Classic graphics is what user will be facing through the gameplay. But that even becomes a plus point for the game. Sense of playing classic game is somewhat an evergreen that gives special exciting things. This game will bring back a memory from old 90's to the screen.

Eventually, like the other spaceshooter games, you must destroy all enemies in front of you. Hit them all and get to the Queen to finish the main mission.

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