Vertrix 3 v0.1
Size: 29.4 MB
OS: Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7
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8.8 out of 10
Category: Puzzle Games
The Vertrix 3 is a fun-filled game based on strategy. In this game, you will find falling blocks, and your job is to align those blocks by rearranging them when they drop down in threes. The shapes may be simple as well as complicated. You may get straightforward form such as a sequence of 3 matching blocks whereas the other arrangements would be intricate like right arrows, plus signs & multiplication symbols. In this game, you will find three types of blocks - indestructible blocks, usual blocks & exploding blocks.

Vital particulars about the game

You will get a blob for each successful arrangement. You can obtain a bonus for each three blobs that you gain. The game will move you to the next stage for each 12 blobs that you achieve. Suppose if you have not yet got your bonuses, then the game offers you a fresh bonus column. You have the choice of opting to play against the other participant (human Vs human) or against the computer (CPU Vs human).

If you are eager to win this game then you must get to stage 10 before your opponent. If the adversary does not reach level 10 in the next three seconds, you will emerge as a winner. Another procedure to win over your opponent is to fill his board with the block. So that it does not fall and if you can withstand without your bar getting clogged-up then you will can become a victor. You have the convenience to choose one character from an array of 19 font and with the assistance of the character's explicit power you can play against your computer or a friend and win the game.

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