Warfare 1917 1.2   pick
Publisher: Armor Games
Size: 14.2 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
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9.1 out of 10
Category: Strategy Games
If you love the action, Warfare 1917 is the right game for you. This is an interesting game with high actions and battlefield war capabilities that kids of all ages enjoy playing. The theme of the game is basically inspired by the World War 1, so you are playing the role of either England or Germany. You are a commander here, and you have to choose between two countries and then fight for your country's victory and defense your army.

Build your armies and activate the battle with just one click. There are different tools also available to command your armies. Your army appears from the corner and attacks the opposition to conquer the fields by three simple strategies;
1. Drag your units into the field to attack
2. Diminish opposition's confidence until they surrender
3. And then take over their ground
The bar on the top shows ground taken by you and the second bar depicts your morale. At the very first level you only have sniper to send out to the enemy land, the other tools are gained later on with proceeding levels. Commander, you can send different snipers, gunners, bombers, tanks and officers on your mission to conquer your battle for land. Make sure to advance your weapons time to time, with each level point's you can enhance your armory capabilities, officer trainings and get new and advanced war equipments.

This addicting game features high graphical display and captivating sound techniques, which creates more interesting and addictive aspect for the player.

The core of this game takes you to the time of war and gives you a real feeling of war time. Every mission takes you deep into combat. You experience the true adventure of the war and play this thrilling action with the very basic mouse operate! Yes, a simple click and drag method is required to play this exciting war game. Every single mouse click executes a command that leads to nonstop battle adventure which gives you an ultimate warfare environment.

This is a single player game. The other player is a computer itself, which further adds to its appeal and makes it bit more complex. So, efficiently train your troops and effectively command them and your weapons to get prepared to fight. You can play the game in campaign mode or create your custom game; they can be saved to continue the adventure later. While playing this wonderful strategic game you will observe that some different units are effective in different occasions, as a commander you will learn by yourself very soon that how to deal with different types of enemies.

Earn more and more points to upgrade and add new item, enjoy thundering and adventurous game. Have fun and good luck!

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