Wilkanoid 2 2.0   pick
Publisher: Wilhelm von Post
Size: 9.8 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 2,043
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7.3 out of 10
Category: Arcade Games
Wilkanoid 2 is an incredible remake of these arcade games that comes with the same level of action packed thrilling experience. The main objective of Wilkanoid 2 is to defeat and crush all crystals in each level with the ball. The ball will get destroyed if it can be sent to the bottom of the screen so for preventing this situation you just have to bounce the ball upwards by using your paddle.

Another thing that you can do in Wilkinoid 2 is that you can also curve the ball. In this regard firstly you have to regain some speed and then just need to hit the ball with full force while the paddle is in motion. It will bend the ball and make it curve towards the opposite direction. The thing is that you can learn all this technique from some experienced players who are expert in sending the ball where ever direction they want.

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