World Of Padman 1.5   pick
Publisher: PadWorld Entertainment
Size: 903.9 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 2,141
User Rating:

9.4 out of 10
Category: First Person Shooter (FPS)
World Of Padman is another powerful cartoon-styled first person shooter game which was a modification for the Quake 3 Arena. The game features bots in various levels of difficulties.

The bot can be played on singleplayer mode, allowing user to enjoy playing offline mode againts the bots. You will feel rich and colorful 3D graphics and animation effects throughout the World Of Padman.

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9.4 out of 10
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"awesome graphics"
By: mr. p, on June 17, 2014
this game should be commercial game, but wow .. it's free. really nice game with really nice graphics
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