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Publisher: Xonotic Team
Size: 945.1 MB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: First Person Shooter (FPS)
Xonotic is a free and open source first-person shooter game that was developed by Nexuiz. It is compatible for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac and OSX. The game is operated by the modified version of Quake engine also known as Darkplaces engine. The gameplay is set on the arena with fast movement a wide selection of the weapons. It is designed to drive the player into addiction in the arena shooter with the help of the community itself. It is available under the permission of GPLv2 license. Just like any game, some of its ideas are inspired by several other games, but mostly of the creative and awesome parts have been the by-product of the game's developer. Have fun with your friends while playing Xonotic.

What's new with Xonotic

  • Xonotic 0.8 is the new released version of the game.
  • New improvement in all aspects of the game. From the user interface to the graphic designing way down to the exciting shooting adventure of the game.
  • In the game proper, new maps for the Capture Flag game mode are released.
  • There is an additional feature is also added to provide a variety to your server. This one allows server admin to allow each of the player choose the game mode for the next map.
  • Menu systems were always updated ontime. It caters a layered browser that enables the categorization of the available servers so you can choose the right one for you is also arranged.
  • Integration of the player statistics are also out here. You don't need to open a web browser to view your most important statistics from XonStat . It is now accessible in the "profile" tab.
  • Several of the menu options were also move in the forefront of the game.
All of these configurations were done to perfectly fit you taste and personal preference. One of the featured weapons is The Arc. Just like any the other lightning gun weapon in other games, the Arc is a hit-and-scan medium range weapon. Its primary fire is the beam of electricity that can bend and soon burst out as its secondary fire. But be careful. Its capacity is only limited. It overheats after constant too much use. The Arc is available to the server admin.

To add in the list, new monsters were released namely Zombie, Wyvern, Mage, Spider, and Shambler. A newly created game mode called "Invasion" were also introduced to use these monsters. In this game mode, the players need to fight the said monsters in a small arena ground.

Also you can now power-up with the new items called "buffs" that allows the players to generate one in maps if enabled. It provides the players special powers if picked up until the player is fragged.


  • Extract the zip file, then run "xonotic-x86.exe".
    For 64-bit Windows users, run "xonotic.exe".
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