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Publisher: Gametop
Size: 45.3 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/XP/ME/Vista/7
Total Download: 5,353
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9.2 out of 10
Category: Action Games
The thing is that how far science and technology will go to explain this mystery of nature. Just take part in this battle fury game called Zombie Shooter and play your role to save the humanity and find out what's happening in this exciting action packed game. The game revolves on the imminent danger of the human race and this time, scientists too failed to cope the imminent threat and become monsters themselves. Now the crowds of Zombie people have secretly entered the research base, and the dreadful contagion is about to spread in all across the globe.

So the game is that you need to play the role of savior and have to take this last chance of saving the human existence from the complete annihilation. You need to face and fight with all kinds of obstacles that comes in your way. It is this thrilling excitement that has helped the game to become the latest heartthrob among all the young online gamers.

Top Features of Zombie Shooters

Apart from coming with so much action packed experience this game also comes bundled with some exciting and stunning features which we are now going to highlight here.

  • Users of this game can use ten types of weapons to fight with all the obstacles that come their way who are threatening the humanity and users need to save it at any cost.
  • You can fight your way through against all contaminated hordes which are a real challenge for the users.
  • It is very much user-friendly and you can easily improve the skills of the characters.
  • With whatever money you earn from the game, you can easily upgrade your available arms for playing the game better.
  • You can try your monster fighting skills in two gaming modes that is Survive and Gun Stand as only these modes can show you how good you can fight these monsters.
  • Easy game removed from the window control panel
How To Operate The Game

  • Press the key A, D, S W on your keyboard to move
  • For shooting left click the mouse
  • For Right mouse click special
  • In order to choose your weapons press 1,2,3,... keys from your keyboard
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